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Advanced Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

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Experience ear pain and pressure relief with our neck pillow designed to be a side sleeping pillow. Featuring ear holes to relieve pressure throughout the night, look no further for the perfect bed pillow. Gentle Support For Side Sleepers by reducing pressure over the sensitive ear area.
Our pillows feature a soft bamboo cover that’s machine washable. We guarantee you'll love our pillow for neck and shoulder pain
Face support, ear relief, adjustable height side-sleeping pillow
Rest easy with our memory foam pillow, which we’ve designed with face, neck, and ear support, so all of your pressure points are cradled.
Adjustable height pillow, removable foam panels, adjust to your sleep positions
Our side sleeper pillow is fully adjustable. Use the height inserts to adjust the pillow for neck pain to your preferred angle.
Our high quality memory foam is designed for durability and made to last


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Customer Reviews

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Joann O'Toole
Great idea, but would like to see some enhancements

I ordered one of these to allow me to sleep on my side with in-ear headphones on. Shortly after I purchased it, the vendor reached out to me and offered a second pillow case. That was really great customer service and they were responsive to my concerns about this pillows comfort for my needs. They suggested other products they sell as well as possible alternate solutions. After trying this pillow out, I couldn't use it for more than a single night. The pressure on my neck and face was too uncomfortable for me. I made some modifications to the memory foam and it's been much more comfortable. I've slept on it for a week now and really like the modifications. It would be great to have the manufacture incorporate some/all of these for a better sleep experience. I'm giving them 4 stars because of their great customer service and communication and I was able to modify it with a bread knife to meet my needs.

Here's a list of issues/suggestions. The numbers correspond with the one of the photos I've included in this review.

1. The double covers result in the ear hole pocket miss-aligning with the fabric so that the hole size is reduced. It also prevents the channel below the ear holes from being unobstructed.

2. Because the second cover is permanently installed, there's no way to wash it if it gets dirty.

3. The channels below the ear holes could be widened or cut the other direction to relieve pressure on the sleeper's carotid artery in their neck.

4. The ridge at the top applies unnecessary pressure and requires a cert head size to sit comfortably. The same issue exists with the raised ridges on the left/right sides of the pillow. This also results in extra pressure on the eyes and sinuses.

5. The distance between the bottom of the ear hole and bottom of the pillow is too tall to accommodate the space from the shoulder to ear on a large man. It's likely even more of an issue for smaller people.

6. The extra pillow case you offered would be nice to sell along with the pillow as regular pillow cases wouldn't work well with the current pillow design. That way you could have one in the laundry and one on the pillow.

7. The inner bottom channel has "knobs" on them which applies more pressure on the neck than needed.

8. The ear on a person's head is more diagonal than vertical.

9. Using a standard pillow case works fine with my suggested modifications. That would allow customers to use their own cases/fabrics. It doesn't look as nice, but is much more comfortable and flexible to have the option to use our existing pillow cases and designs that match other pillows/sheets.

10. Larger ear holes also lend themselves to back sleeping as the head is cradled on either side of the ear hole.